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2209 York Ave · Vancouver B.C., V6K 1C5
Phone: 604-336-3711

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At Food Hub we are a family-owned and operated business who strives to provide a unique shopping service such as home delivery to the elderly and those unable to make it to our store at the corner of York Ave & Yew St in Kitsilano .  We provide great quality organic and grass-fed meat products at reasonable pricing. 

We believe that connecting people to sustainable farmed products is more important now then ever. There is an unbelievable amount of waste in the processing of organics. With our farming and meat-processing upbringing we have found a way to utilize all of the off-cuts so we can also offer Raw Pet Food for our furry loved ones. At Food Hub we've even created an award winning Bone Broth which offers many nutritional benefits to a healthy diet.
Our family is trained in the art of butchery, so we refer to ourselves as 'meatheads'. Nevertheless, we've also discovered people with the same passion, alternatively for vegan and vegetarian diets. We are excited to keep learning and improving ourselves individually and as a team and we encourage people to stop by Food Hub to say hi and post information on our community board.

Our Mission is Connecting Farmers with Local Communities and this starts at Food Hub.

Deven Prasad

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Kitsilano, known locally as Kits, is synonymous with famous Kits Beach—named one of the "top 10 best city beaches in the world" by international travel magazines, and perfect for outdoor fitness. Kitsilano is one of the city's organic-food hubs, and has extensive restaurants and retail along West 4th Avenue and West Broadway. Kitsilano runs along the south shore of...

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Did you know that along with our fresh meats & healthy snacks/drinks, we also carry fresh ORGANIC berries from Chilliwack?! YUM!!! Stop on by the shop & pick-up some blueberries, cherries or raspbe...
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