Ukama Gallery

1802 Maritime Mews · Vancouver B.C., V6H 3X2
Phone: 778-379-0666
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Granville Island

Imagine an island in the middle of a city. See? You’re already curious. Now picture a place moulded by a fascinating history, buzzing with a colourful artistic community. A living, breathing urban oasis filled with fine waterfront restaurants, theatres, galleries, studios, unique shops, cafes and the most spectacular fresh food market you’ve ever seen. Add a vibrant and diverse mix of people...

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Status Updates

Happy Valentine's Day from Ukama! Showcasing the pairing of a lovely sculpture with a detail of an expressive painting, we finalize our week long celebration of love.
There is such a sweet softness to this beautiful sculpture, from the pouted kissing lips to the closed and meditative eyes - aren't we all looking for our "Soul Mates"?
You know that we love to create a powerful dialogue between painting and sculpture. Here is a great example of accidental similarity in pattern and texture. Cobalt stone sculpture "Balancing" by By...
Very elegant and expressive piece by Brian Watyoka. "Confidence", Springstone Sculpture, 26" x 5" x 5"
Love how Monica Gewurz's seascapes and Askim Wisikesi's sculpture complement and complete each other. @mgdesignsca
Announcement! We are switching over to winter business hours - 11am to 5pm. The gallery continues to be open daily! If you would like to schedule a private showing, please contact the gallery.
"As an artist I get my inspiration from day-to-day life - nature, humans, community - things that I see every day and things that I believe in". @rufarongoma. Fragment: 'Stargazer', 2019, Springsto...

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