Romance Week

Starts: Feb. 05, 2019 7:30 PM | Ends: Feb. 14, 2019 11:00 PM

Did you know that one of Cupid’s favourite places is The Improv Centre? Romance blossoms when sprinkled liberally with laughter. Numerous patrons have told us that their first date with their now partner or spouse was at a VTS show and that they have been laughing together ever since. This year for Valentine’s, forget the boring box of chocolates and join us as we celebrate the fun and funny in relationships and romance. Treat your beloved to our special Romance Week (February 5 -14)  featuring three hilarious shows (Love Unscripted, Love Matches & Red Hot Improv) ‘climaxing’ in a special event on February 14th – My Funny Valentine, hosted by Cupid himself.

Love Matches sees classic TheatreSports matches given a romantic twist.
Love Unscripted – An Improvised Rom Com celebrates all the inane clichés and funny awkward moments you’d expect to see in any romantic comedy as suggested by you, our audience.
Red Hot Improv takes its cue from today’s hook-up culture. If you think OK Tinder is steamy, wait ‘til you experience Red Hot Improv’s xxx-rated hilarity. Single? Come anyway, you never know who you might meet. NC17
Romance Week Schedule:

Tuesday, Feb.5: Love Matches (7:30 p.m.)
Wednesday, Feb.6:  Love Matches (7:30p.m.)
Thursday, Feb.7: Love Unscripted- An Improv Rom Com (7:30p.m.), Red Hot Improv (9:15p.m.)
Friday, Feb. 8: Love Unscripted (7:30p.m.), Love Matches (9:30p.m.)
Saturday, Feb. 9: Love Unscripted (7:30p.m.), Love Matches (9:30p.m.), Red Hot Improv (11:15p.m.)
Sunday, Feb.10: Rookie Night (7:30p.m.)
Tuesday, Feb.12: Love Matches (7:30p.m.)
Wednesday, Feb.13: Love Matches (7:30p.m.)
Thursday, February 14: My Funny Valentine special event (7:30 p.m.)

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