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Find out more about these gaming houses on our Sins of the City Tours running all summer! Name: Frank Young Date Arrested: February 1, 1913 View Image
Thank you to the fantastic audience that came out tonight for My Tom #RailtownLab View Image
An $800 diamond ring in 1913 would be the equivalent of a $17,000 diamond ring in 2017 - gutsy! Name: John Collinson View Image
There are over 7,000 objects in our collection but our exhibit space can only show a fraction of that! View Image
What might this instrument be? Comment with your guesses below! During the book launch for Eve Lazarus' "Blood, Sweat and Fear", tours of Inspector John Vance's original work space will be given. View Image
100 Years Ago Today: Constable Maddaford was granted leave from the Vancouver Police Department to join WWI. View Image
Here's hoping your weekend patio drinks didn't end up with stealing bacon! Name: John Graham Date Arrested: November 30, 1912 View Image
From the Curator's desk today on International Museum Day!: Today while going through the VPM photo collection I came across this really cool photo of VPD women in 1913 participating in sports day. View Image
Hot off the press! Eve Lazarus' new book "Blood, Sweat, and Fear" has arrived in our gift shop! View Image
Who's feeling a little sinful this Saturday? Comment below with your favourite spot in Chinatown and you can find out if it has a seedy past on our Vice, Dice, and Opium Pipes tour at 11am or Red Light Rendezvous at 4pm! View Image
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About Downtown Eastside
The Downtown Eastside (DTES) is one of Vancouver's oldest neighbourhoods, and the historic heart of the city. The DTES has many assets, especially for its low-income residents, who appreciate feeling accepted and at home, and benefit from living near health and social services. Many volunteers contribute countless hours to help improve the community and work for social justice. Source: